Located in Houston’s high growth area of West, Fulshear is the iconic and most happening place in the United States. Be a part of the fastest growing city in Texas and join the explosive growth.











(Around 7 Miles)





  • The building is designed by a Texas State licensed building designer. (Note: a licensed building designer is not an ARCHITECT)
  • The project will be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Site Construction:

  • The building is serviced by Fulshear City Water and Sewer and Electric service.
  • Electrical service up to the building

Concrete Floors:

  • Concrete 3000 psi; engineered foundation
  • Vapor Barrier: Floor slabs will be placed over a polyethylene vapor barrier to minimize moisture migration from the subgrade.

Parking & Landscaping:

  • 3,500 PSI reinforced concrete
  • ADA parking stalls and ADA signage
  • Fire lane stripping; Red
  • Stripping for parking stalls; white
  • Grass remaining outdoor areas not covered by concrete or other hardscape
  • Bull Rock along the front of the building between the building and parking as necessary
  • There will be no assigned parking except for ADA parking

Exterior Walls:

  • Primary material: Conventional 3-coat stucco finish with final color applied at the time of final coat.
  • Exterior stone: to be applied as per plans.
  • Exterior panels: to be applied as per plans.


  • Wood framed building; 10’ tall walls
  • Exterior sheathing as per Structural plans with Weatherproofing Barrier
  • TPO roof
  • R-13 or better Wall Insulation; R-26 or better Roof insulation.
  • 1⁄2 “ THK sheetrock with light roll texture

Doors, Trim, Cabinets, Countertops, Hardware, Flooring, Blinds

  • Front Door: Single Door with Single Sidelight—storefront Aluminum/Glass Framing w/ Self-Closing, Keyed Lock, thumb-turn deadlock/latch mechanism, ADA thresholds, and weatherstripping.
  • Back Door (If Upgrade is Selected): Single Door—storefront Aluminum/Glass Framing w/ Self-Closing, Keyed Lock, thumb-turn deadlock/latch mechanism, and weatherstripping.
  • Interior doors are 8 feet tall hollow core; 2-panel design (For Solid Core, check with Builder for Upgrade options)
  • Baseboards 6 inches tall PG
  • Exterior door has one deadbolt
  • ADA rails in bathrooms; TP holder;
  • Luxury Vinyl; see builder for selections.
  • Granite 2 cm; see builder for selections.
  • Egg shell type interior paint (Standard)-one color; enamel semi-gloss (Pure White SW7005); see builder for selections.
  • Cabinets as per plan. see builder for selections.

Vinyl Window Systems

  • Frame Type: (non-operating) vinyl frames for energy efficiency. Color to be per plans.
  • Glass: Double pane, tempered, insulated glass. Low E glass


  • A domestic water pipe stub is provided. Location as per plans. One 1⁄2 Bath provided.
  • 1” Water Line and 4” Sewer Line
  • A water shutoff will be provided at the point where the water service enters the building with a manifold.
  • A sanitary sewer line will be run to the manhole
  • The property is not serviced by any gas service.
  • Electric Tankless Water Heater.
  • White elongated toilet. (American Standard or similar)
  • Kitchen sink is Stainless Steel. (American Standard or similar)
  • All Faucets are single lever Satin Finish. (American Standard or similar)


  • One zone 5TN AC system and Electric heat, programmable T-Stat (Lennox or Similar)

Electrical & Telecommunications Conduits:

  • 100 Amp 120/208V 1p, 3 wire per Unit. Panel Location – Per Plans (if 150amp is required this will be an upgrade)
  • A telecommunications conduit will be provided to the point of entry of mechanical wall. Buyer is responsible for hook up
  • Buyer provides security system at their cost and expense; builder prewires power for front camera.
  • Copper wiring White Decora switches
  • All wiring per plans
  • 2’ x 4’ Troffer at All Rooms (Excluding Reception).
  • Can Lighting at Reception
  • Data Cabling: one data point per room & one phone point in reception with blanks for Buyer to finish.

How to buy

Step 1

Select the Location and Project.

Step 2

Choose your preferred unit from the available units. Our Dedicated Sales agent for the Project
will be able to assist you in this step and deposit 10% of the Selling Price based on discussions by
the sales agent.

Step 3

Upgrade options selection with the sales agent/broker. Every project offers specific upgrades that are available with the Sales Agent to update your contract. Some of the Specific upgrades offered will be flooring, carpet, crown molding, doors and cabinetry. However, special upgrades are also offered when the purchase is before start of construction. The special upgrades prices will be quoted to the buyer by Developer to update the contract.

Step 4

This is applicable if the construction is not yet completed. Once we have started your building,
you will be invited to a pre-construction meeting to review your selections and be sure everything
is in place before begin construction.

Step 5

10 days prior to closing, there will be an initial walk through with you, where you mark any changes or final touch ups that might be needed. This will be followed by a “final walk” before close.

Step 6

Sale is funded and closing documents are signed. We turn over the keys to a shiny, professional,
new office you now own.